Frame Illustrations

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February 16, 2017

These pictures illustrate some of my favorite frame moldings which are only available by special order through your framer.  These are not the moldings which my framer can supply and which can be ordered directly from this site, in the Purchase pane for a given image.  If you purchase a print and chose to go with one of these, I will send the required information to you for your framer to use to place their order from the company that makes them to order, with a turnaround time of about one month.

First, walnut, white oak and welded aluminum with a polished face and brushed sides.  This walnut profile has a square face but the white oak is rounded at the outer edge.  Each is available both ways and these profiles are OK for outer dimensions of up to 24 x 30" but they have larger profiles which can go clear to four by eight feet.  This welded aluminum profile is also rounded, and thus typically gives a beautiful, gleaming effect which can't be seen in this picture.  The corners are so finely crafted that they very nearly appear to have been made from a single piece of metal, and the insides of the corners are devoid of melted aluminum.





Second, the polished welded aluminum, again in my favorite profile for the bare metal option, usable up to 36 x 48":




Third, a medium gray powdercoated welded aluminum.  This one is ever so slightly greenish, so I prefer a different gray which is also available, pictured in the next illustration.  It's darker and has more texture than this one, but is a more ideal tint to match the exquisitely controlled, slightly magenta-red tint of my extremely stable, carbon-pigment inkjet, B&W prints.  A small percentage of the image in the B&W prints is created with a very stable magenta pigment and an extremely stable cyan pigment, while the vast majority is created with extremely stable carbon pigment.



Here is the darker gray powdercoat finish in two profiles, one ideal for smaller prints, though also as large as 36 x 48" and the larger one being ideal for medium to very large prints, with outer dimensions of up to 40 x 60".  This larger profile and others are also available as bare aluminum with a polished face, but the face reflects light like a flat mirror, which is less ideal.


And here is the walnut corner sample by itself.  I'm quite fond of all of these frames.  The quality is as good as it gets.  These frames employ a wooden strainer, which resembles stretcher bars for a canvas painting, behind the frame and the artwork.  The frame is connected to the stretcher bars with screws inserted at intervals along the sides of the frame, whether wood or metal.  The hanging wire is connected to the strainer, which is the primary structural element of the frame.