December 12th, 2020

The Man Who Never Laughs

There are only two things that one needs to know to thoroughly understand our 45th President.

The first is simply that he harbors good will toward no one.

The second is that his one great purpose in life is to prove himself to be the ultimate "winner" or “killer,” in the lingo of his family, meaning to be the one who gets the better of the largest number of people in the biggest ways — lying and bullying and stealing all that his megalomania desires.

He is no one’s friend. It’s weird, it’s rare, but sadly, that’s the deal.

Further, it is the recipe for a tyrant — tyranny being what our Founding Fathers most fervently hoped to protect us from and the number one reason for the founding of our nation.

Understanding this together is now key to finding our way toward the more perfect union which is still our due.

— Joseph Holmes

PS: For the most eloquent description of him yet, we can collectively thank our friends in the U.K.:

For me, the purest distillation is that he's simply a demon, one hundred percent devoted to his particular brand of evil. But the fact that he would ever be mentioned here is a tip of the hat to the extraordinary success he's had at becoming the biggest loser in American history.