February 27th, 2022

We Are All Ukrainians Now

This face reveals plainly the quintessence of the thing that National Defense is for. The life-long, KGB spy master has finally come fully into his own, but his character has never changed and has been as obvious as the contrived non-expression on his face ever since we’ve known him.

If WW II taught us one thing, it is surely that we must find a way to systematically kill the wannabe dictators before they gain the power to burn down half the world. But we’ve failed at this, and so we are now probably closer to global thermonuclear war than we’ve ever been and 44 million wonderful Ukrainian people are being dragged into hell as the entire world is under threat from the lunatic with nuclear weapons. We’ve got to do better.

The Russian people should be our great friends. They deserve to be our great friends, and they deserve a prosperous and free country with an economy that’s not based on fossil fuels. The little shit from the KGB is their worst enemy, the latest man to steal Russia, surely the world’s first trillionaire, a mad kleptocrat in extremis, and the world's most dangerous terrorist by far. Another Hitler, albeit without the little mustache.

The Russian people did much more to defeat fascism in Europe than we did. They lost twenty-seven million people in the war, but then suffered a similar number murdered by Stalin. For this they deserved the world's deepest gratitude and assistance finding liberty. It would seem that nobody has endured more brutality and murder than the Russian people, unless perhaps it’s the Ukrainians. Or European Jews in general, native Americans...

Lately, of course, we’ve been flirting with fascist dictatorship ourselves, courtesy of another man with a broken face, another man who never laughs, showing that even here a big fraction of the electorate is vulnerable to an aggressively delivered river of bullshit from the mouth of a guy wearing a tidy suit of clothes and pretending to be something he's not. So let’s remember to be clear that the Russian people are decidedly not our enemy, and our people are decidedly not theirs. It’s the mad, psychopathic dictators who are the problem. 

Democracy is not optional.

For now, doing everything we can to save the brave people of Ukraine from Putin's army of misguided Russian children and allow them to finally be free is job number one.


Slava Ukraini!