January 11th, 2022

Tuesday, January 11, 2022 — D-Day is Upon Us

The fate of the American republic, and therefore of democracy worldwide, hangs by a thread.  That thread will either prove to be a lifeline or will be cut, most likely by next Monday, January 17th, 2022.

The Freedom to Vote Act and the updated Voting Rights Act must reach President Biden's desk to be signed into law if our country is to survive.  It's that simple.

Please, today, listen to Larry Lessig's eloquent 47:50 explanation of the big picture of how our nation has, over its long arc of history, become a non-majoritarian "democracy" — a contradiction in terms, for when the minority rules, a radical few greedy men can enslave us all.


The War on Democracy that's been waged, I say starting in its latest incarnation in 1977, has progressed steadily to the point where our failed system of self-governance now stands at the precipice of the abyss of a new form of fascism.  None of us can be free for long if our ability to elect a President, a House of Representatives, a Senate, our Statehouses, our Governors or to have an honestly representative federal judiciary are not intact.  Virtually everything that can be stolen from us is being stolen, through a vast web of carefully planned assaults on the integrity of our laws and regulations.  The liars who are waging this war against 99.99% of the American People manage to fool a third of the nation, hook, line and sinker — and that's all they need to complete the biggest coup in human history.

This week, we must do all we can to assure that our last hope for success in the struggle that our Founders began, on the Fourth of July, 1776, is successful.  Call your Senators now, and again every day until the vote.  Donate to the people raising the alarm, including Lessig's Equal Citizens organization, so they can rally others to act:


Don't sleep while your house burns to the ground.  Lessig's eloquent podcast tells the story about as well as it's been told, where our democracy has gone wrong, how we've wound up with just 20-odd percent of the public having the power to dominate us all according to their insane and ignorant and self-serving thinking.  It used to be the case that it was only humanity's fate that hung on the hope for successful self-governance.  Now it's the fate of all Creation that does, for the unbridled, short-term profit driven, exploded human enterprise is smashing our world to bits, just as we've reached the happy state of our higher technology.  We've got plush, front row seats to the great show of what's happening in the world, unlike any before us have enjoyed, just in time to watch it torn apart.  Just listen, please.  The house really is on fire.

—Joseph Holmes